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    Air Purification and UV Lighting for Your Home

    At Aire Serv of Wake County, we always pride ourselves on being known for our quality HVAC work and excellent customer service, but did you know that we offer much more than just heating and cooling services? Our service professionals are also able to help you with discussing special preventative measures, like Air Purification and Ultraviolet (UV) Lights, to keep your home healthy and improve the air quality for your family.
    Especially in times like these, we all have been focusing on ways to improve our family’s health and prevent illnesses. That is why our air-purification professionals cannot stress enough to make sure that your home has the best air quality possible. For example, UV lights are a great way to help aid in improving your family’s immunity and overall health.
    Here are 5 reasons why these services are a great addition to any home:
    As a great way to help your household be healthier for your family in addition to everyday personal health and wellness tactics, adding UV lights can help your family’s immune system. This is because they prevent mold and mildew from building up in the air vents, to begin with, which then spread into the rest of your home and cause illnesses to your family members. UV lights develop an air purification system in your home that prevents the mild and mildew particles that are likely to trigger those asthma symptoms, along with other respiratory illnesses. They work in eliminating fungi, germs, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses before they build up in your air ducts and vents, keeping your home, and family, safe. Purifying your air can also get rid of any of those nasty smells that keep coming back but you are unsure of where they are coming from.
    UV lights improve air quality by killing those same irritants that the cleaning removed that kept making you sick. They fight the contaminants that tend to originate in areas of your home like your HVAC units, along with any other areas that airborne fungi can enter, bringing an extra level of protection to your home. If you haven’t had your air quality tested, this is a great time to speak with your service professional about the air in your home and see if you need extra preventative measures added.
    Since your HVAC system circulates the air throughout every room of your home, the germs in your home also circulate to every single room. This means that if one member is sick, the airborne viruses and bacteria are still able to circulate to the healthy family members of your family just through the vents of your home without you even noticing. UV lighting though eliminates the organic buildup on your home’s heating and cooling coils, drain-pipes, and ductwork, so it kills pathogens and microorganisms that would otherwise be spread to the other members of your household.
    UV lights keep the air flowing in your home by killing the germs and pathogens that hang out in your ducts and help eliminate excessive moisture which prevents them from building up in your vents. Our heating and cooling professionals can discuss different ways to increase airflow in your home when they do quality checks.
    When the air in your home is able to move freely and without blockages, your heating and cooling units are able to run more efficiently and save you money. Adding UV lighting to your HVAC system helps it to be able to clean itself, making the buildup and blockages a thing of the past and keeping your home able to run without additional hiccups.
    Aire Serv of Wake is here to help keep your family comfortable and healthy. Ask one of our heating and cooling professionals to do an air quality test on your home and see if it would benefit from adding UV lighting. To schedule an appointment for HVAC repair and installation, air quality checks, dryer vent cleanings, or if you need 24/7 emergency services. You can count on us to be there for your family when you need it!

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